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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blaster Dark Spirits: Support for Phantom Blaster Overlord!

Bad ass Overlord!
Hello everyone today I decided to try out Blaster Dark Spirits (BD Spirit) in a Phantom Blaster Overlord deck. It have been working great and has a high consistency on getting Blaster Dragon in the soul with Overlord as vanguard.

The deck I use have Wingal Brave in it to get consistency in taking out required grade 3 to your hand. This can be done easily with the new BD Spirit. You have access to more Blaster units to be boosted by Brave. You can easily bring out another Overlord to secure a Persona Blast or the required Dragon to add it to soul with Painter. You can also force some really tough decisions for the opponent when you attack their rear-guard.

Although, to do this, you would need to fix up some grade ratio. My build had 6 grade 3 and 10 grade 2 with 3 Wingal Brave in it. This deck highly relies on pressure and critical rush. Pressure is applied by Wingal Brave and the unflipper which fortunately can be easily accessed soon by English players in set 4. The extra Wingal Brave are also great 10k shields. It also helps stacks up soul for Apocalypse Bat.

Blaster Dark Spirit and Creeping Dark Goat have been working great for me in my few Shadow Paladin builds. Still, I would hope that Shadow Paladins will get some extra stuff in set 9. Also one point to note is that when you have Blaster Dark Spirit on the field, Overlord will get power -2k so, do plan ahead.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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