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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Final Take On The Cross-Rides

The once in a while epic image!
Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. For this post, I am going to write on my opinions on the Cross-Rides after seeing them in action and how each of them work for their clans. These x-rides does not includes ones from set 5 and is exclusively for x-rides of season 2. Yes, that includes Great Daiyusha.

At the time when no one really wanted anymore x-rides, Great Daiyusha made a surprise appearance, well for me at least. At first, the appearance of another x-ride made me really sad. It meant that Bushiroad is telling us that more will be coming. The card however, did spell joy for some, it also meant that their favorite unit or clan might get one as well. However as time passed, I realised that x-rides are not everything for this game, what's important is how you play the game, and adapt to the new released cards. This is also true for the newly revealed Break Rides, which I will do my best to explain in the next post.

Great Daiyusha is an amazing card with great support. I usually compare it to Raizers and they both have their own unique features which makes them equally awesome. Great Daiyusha, is a x-ride that you can't miss not having Daiyusha in the soul. With Daiyusha in the soul, you have the 13k base that serves as a great defense and needed unit for the limit break ability.Great Daiyusha also came with the ability to have a superior ride at quite a high cost, but the cards used for the superior ride can be used to greatly increase his power. This trades off hand advantage and field consistency for a big vanguard, which is a very bad match up against defensive builds, but the high power is still an overwhelming obstacle. Most of the time, you would be relying on the high power and +1 critical pressure to bring down your opponent's defenses.

Platina Ezel, this is the first card shown with Limit Break 5. His ability is amazing with overwhelming field power increase. In my opinion, this card works best as an option. That way, you won't lose out on getting field advantage instead of just totally focusing on this one vanguard. You are given more options to work on than just being forced to sit on a 13k vanilla all the time. All in all, I would say that this x-ride has the most devastating limit break 5 ability in season 2.

Vermillion "THE BLOOD", is an improved Vermillion with the added critical. This build has the best consistency in what the deck should do. If you ride basic vermillion first, you get to use his limit break to take care of early front rows and also have unflippers pressure. After that, if you are lucky enough to get a heal trigger, pulling off "THE BLOOD" in the process would be quite possible too. Due to the decks' high damage usage, I will not recommend using any other counter blast units for better consistency and pressure. Running some damage increasers are also good for the deck as you can recycle some triggers even if you cannot pull off the limit break.

Glory Maelstrom, after further inspection, I would say that this unit is the weaker of the other two ultimate breakers. Glory's ability stops your opponent from using perfect guards, sure, but if your opponent has 4 damage, they could survive with a no guard if you don't get a critical trigger. It also doesn't work too well with the former Maelstrom. However, with the low cost, you are free to use any other card ability that needs them, which there isn't much in Aqua Force besides the new column swapping units. The only good thing about this card is that you can have consistent pressure, and even then you need to reach 5 damage for that.

Sun Amaterasu, is a great unit but quite different from other oracles. This unit is used more for her pressure and does not give you a high amount of draw power. The best way to play a pure build of this deck is mix it with Apollon and Libra for more pressure. You could also add in cookie for that extra draw power you need early game. Besides from less early on draw power, this card is also weak for the fact that her pressure only begins when you have 4 or more damage.

Illuminal Dragon, this card has one too many restriction for it's own good. The need to build a front rows of Beast Deities could proof to be quite the hassle. However, with that setup, it is easily a 5 attack per turn, especially when you add in toolkit boy for that extra unflip power.The build is great at early rushing and late game limit break to go for the win, or it would at least greatly bring down the opposing defenses.

That is about it from me for season 2. I might write a review on the whole season anime when it is finished but, that is something in the future.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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