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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I Want For Cardfight!! Vanguard

Hello again people! Today I will write on the problems I have with how Bushiroad is dealing the the card game. This will involve in my opinions of how they are developing the game and how I would want them to improve on the situation.

From what I see, Bushiroad is giving too much attention to the main clans and thus neglecting the less used clans. By main clans I mean clans used by the main characters or characters of importance. These clans gains supports and great key cards or boss cards in great consistency and speed compared to many other clans. Even more recent clans like Gold Paladins and Narukami has much of their gaps filled sooner than later.

The comparison for numbers of RRR cards for each clans are also not in balance. Main clans gets RRR cards in almost every booster set, and at times, more than one of them. I would very much prefer that more RRR is released for clans with less RRR than the main clans. The main could still be added into booster sets with support cards for their current cards. Although, I have noticed that some RRR are not quite worth their rarity value. Some of them are Ravenous Dragon, GigarexEmerald Witch, LaLa, Ruin Shade and Mistress Hurricane. Their abilities much pales in comparison to other RRR and I don't see how much support could improve them. RRR cards should be worth their rarity value and the consideration for possible further support for them is also important. The increase of better cards for less popular clans will also balance out the variety of clans used by players.

Less RRR for main clans would not possibly make the anime less interesting for the viewers. A good solid story is also important to keep the people watching. This is an easy game which game flow can be easily predicted. Having episodes just to show off cards is never a good idea and I think having better, more passionate fights would attract more viewers. This was true for me and Battle Spirits. A lot more about the game can be shown like taking out rear-guards instead of focusing all attacks on the vanguard. Trigger appearances should be increased but not to the point of just showing that the main characters lucked out.

Support for old RRR which are less used should also be considered. Many RRR made during early times of the game are not much used because the others seemed better. One of the causes for this is that the available cards synergizes better with the more used cards. Some of the old RRR cards has great potential to be amazing units with just some more support for them. Some of the RRR units which greatly improved because of newly added supports are Scarlet Witch, CoCo, Perfect Raizer and Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord. I would really like to see some support especially for the neglected Kagero units like Aleph and Blockade.

In my opinion, power creep started on set 5. With X-rides having the capability of being at 13k base and also Majesty's consistent critical, players at the time had a hard time coping around these units. Although that have been fixed for most of the clans now, those builds are still standing on solid grounds which ultimately led to their restriction. Having balance all over the clans could have possibly prevented the restriction list. That being said, I am now worried for my CoCo since she have been showing pretty positive results in the Japanese meta.

That is all I have to write for now. I really hope much improvement will be made by Bushiroad to the game. The way they are doing things now leaves less popular clans behind as the main clans gets more and more support. However, I do commend on Bushi for the fact that no actual power creep have been observed since set 5.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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