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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trigger for the Strategist: Heal Trigger!

Hello everyone. Today I will be writing my second post on triggers. The topic today is heal trigger! This is a very defensive trigger and is limited up to 4 per deck. One of the reason for that is because checking this trigger could change the tide of the game, it could even save you from a loss.

One of the strategies of this game is on defending and planning on when you should defend and how much to defend. All these are calculated along with trigger probability, and the chances to get each trigger. Defending to avoid damage is important but it is also equally important to keep your damage up to your opponent's level to have a chance at healing when you get a heal trigger. Guarding and not being able to heal the one damage would mean that you wasted the shields when you could have healed off the damage.

Heal triggers also works very well with damage increaser. Not only that you give yourself more chance at healing, you could also return the heal trigger on your damage zone back to your deck and at the same time, possibly stop your opponent from healing. Heal triggers that has the ability to recycle themselves like Lozenge Magus are even more powerful. They can be easily returned to the deck to give you another chance  at healing. However you should be careful when doing this as it may backfire because you are reducing the shields on your hand by 10k, which you might need on your next turn.

Most decks have 4 heal triggers in them because of how much they can affect the game. Planning ahead and knowing how on heal triggers work is a very important strategy for the game. You should avoid having less damage than your opponent during your drive checks or taking the attack of a rear-guard to stop the opponent from healing. Mastering the strategy of how to work heal triggers against your opponent could really turn the tides to your favour.

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