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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Closing Up on Season 2 Cards Before Going to Season 3

Still wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Today I will write my thoughts and opinions on how the second season ended up to be and what each clan got themselves through set 6 to 9. I wrote about Gold Paladins on another post so they will not be touched here.

First of all, it's Narukami! This clan is the Kagero replacement for season 2. Their element are mostly of electricity instead of the burning flame. Narukami was first brought onto the table in set 6 (not including the trial) with the ability to attack multiple units with Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. This was a surprise to many and with the official ruling that you would need different sets of shields for each unit being attacked, Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion is a very powerful card. Narukami also has the easiest 10k vanguard booster.

In set 8, they got the sealed cards as support, these cards received some negative feedback due to their restrictive nature. These units are actually great but the negative feedback is due to the fact that they don't really help Vermillion. These units were made to be a separate build and does not mix will with Vermillion. They can also be said to be the cheaper build of the clan, given the popularity. In my opinion, this build have more destructive potential compared to Vermillion.

Set 9, we got the Vermillion cross-ride, and the generic support cards. I've tried the build and they are very good and has power field consistency. The sealed cards also got themselves some nice additions. Other than the main builds mentioned above, there are also the Indra and Vaayu builds. Overall, this clan is a interesting clan. They have the potential to be as destructive as Kagero with the ability to build higher powered fields.

Next, we have Angel Feathers! Also introduced in set 6, these angels have the ability to manipulate cards in the damage zone! This clan is also very interesting as they can very easily cause cards on your damage zone to be unflipped. There are also many different builds on this clan, some of them allows you to heal damage! Being made to be a 'defensive' clan they were also given a Lozenge Magus copy.

On set 6, this clan has a very good pressure build with Ergodiel, Armaros and Feather Palace. This build pressures your opponent to choose to be hit by either of the cards so that you would gain advantage from the hit. For Feather Palace builds, nociels were used to unflip damage used in early game. Angel Feathers also has pretty good power builds. These builds are Kiriel, Shamsiel and Metatron. For power builds, it is important to build a good field for the maximum power. Kiriel and Metatron don't really have a problem with this but it is a little difficult for Shamsiel. Shamsiel field building really relies on your draws and is more of a defensive build. One good thing about the Shamsiel build is that you can replace flipped crimson cards on your damage for another Crimson to prepare for the next turn. Lancer Shooter is also more usable in Shamsiel builds because they don't use much counter blasts.

Moving on, Aqua Force! This is another new clan introduced in season 2 and first came in set 8. They mainly focus on stacking up attacks for a very powerful vanguard attack. Although low in power, they stack up attacks through swapping front and back rows or restanding. This can cut down on a lot of the opponent's resources and getting a stand trigger really makes matters worse for the opponent. They don't really have much options in terms of builds but each build is equally as powerful.

Now that we are done with the new clans, let's begin with the older clans, Oracle Think Tank! The oracles got some decent boosts this season, including the starting on Battle Sister Archetype. Some main additions they got this season would be LuLu, Cookie and Sun Amaterasu.They got themselves some very powerful drawing ability and also Sun Amaterasu's pressure build is amazing. These builds also gave oracles different play styles which are more offensive.

Nova Grappler got some decent support for previous builds and also a few pretty strong new builds. The Death Army is a great addition for old Cosmolord and also Top Gun, making them quite a strong build. Raizers also got their boosts with a critical trigger and 2 more amazing units, which greatly increases Perfect Raizer's probability to get that extra critical. The Beast Deities are also a very strong offensive build which has a high rush potential and also pressure standing.

Then we have Great Nature, which got themselves an amazing boost. They have great ability to boost their field to amazing powers which can really eat up your opponent's hand. After that, the retiring at the end of the turn could be turned to being advantage. Some notable builds are Leo-pald, Bison and Polaris.

Now for the least supported, Granblue which got themselves an amazing generic breaker which is also somewhat anti mis-ride. They also got their second draw trigger and third critical. Dark Irregulars got themselves faster soul chargers, more power units and a second critical. Dimension Police with Great Daiyusha and Zeal, also their Libra clone. Neo-Nectar got a huge boost with Arboros and also a very interesting build, Musketeers. Tachikaze got amazing Dark Rex and powerful Colonel, along with a second set of triggers. Murakumo got a some great card, Magatsu has both properties of being offensive and defensive, also shirayuki who provides great defense. Pale Moon got better at soul manipulating, the best build for the season in my opinion is Sarah. Fire Juggler is also a good card that can be used with Manticore, which is a power build, their Libra clone is another amazing addition for them.

That pretty much wraps up the season, the next post would be on the x-ride for the season.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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