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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Break Ride: Beginning Of A New Wave

Hello everyone! Today I will write on the newly revealed break rides. These units will most possibly be the main focus of the next season cards.

At first look, the newly revealed break rides has very powerful abilities. These newly revealed units seems to add a great amount of power to the whole field to the point that it's as powerful as Platina's ultimate break. Even so, I would still say that these cards are not overpowered in any way.

After being in this game for over one year, this is something I face every time something new is brought to the table. I would feel that the new cards seems to be way too strong without looking at the card as a whole. Now after two years of experience with the game, all I see from these cards are only big numbers.

I would agree that numbers plays a very important role in this game and losing out in numbers against your opponent would mean that you have lost the game. However, in this game, there are multiple value of numbers. Field power, hand cards, damage received and at times the soul and even the drop zone. Dominance in just one area of the playing board will not win you the game.

These units are made to look very powerful to attract players to buy them. What people don't see is how the card will play out in an actual game, what they see is the ideal situation for the card which makes the cards ridiculous. I am not saying that the situations are not possible, but it's not as easy to build even a near perfect setup.

These cards are given fair restriction for what they can do. First of all, you need to ride that unit as your first grade 3 to fully utilize it. After that, you need to wait for 4 damage and also another grade 3 on your hand to ride. Even if you manage to pull these off, you would still need to have a decent field to be able to do anything good. All this would contribute to having a lower hand and restriction of not calling a grade 3 for the break ride. After all these, there are also more extra conditions that would make the perfect situation for the cards.

Relying on getting that 4 damage, players who use this card might have to sacrifice being hit by cards with abilities to give the opponent advantage. Pressure units would force more guards out of these units and there will be a time when the pressure unit attack hits and that would very much be the end of them. These units are also weak against early rushing because they need to be more careful when they are forced to 4 or 5 damage early game. Because they need to make a setup, it takes time to gather the correct resources. It doesn't help that they are in the brink of danger early game and are forced to play more shields to avoid that trigger.

The ride break so far are also made to be well suited for the clan. Eradicator is said to be the worst out of them but it is very much suited for the newly revealed cards. The tendency for Narukami to gain criticals have increased and so not having an incredibly large powered field would balance out. The retiring also cuts down the opposing intercepts to increase the probability for the critical hit.

Gold Paladin's Gance can be said to be an improvement of Soul Saver but not really. Gold Paladins have the ability to call cards for advantage sure, but the call is not as consistent as Royal Paladins. Being stuck with a field of triggers really kills for Gold Paladins so the extra power is really not much of a big deal. If they really are lucky enough to superior call the perfect field, maintaining it would be another thing.

Spike Brothers really is the unit with the biggest power boost. This however fits the clan for it's rush to win tactics. The power increase is tremendous and with Dudley Emperor, it is possible to have 5 super charged attacks. This however comes at a large cost and would eat your whole hand. The only thing you gain is large number fields but if you don't finish the game that turn, you are basically toast.

To sum it up, I don't think these units are that much of a big deal. The most important thing is that you know how to adapt and deal with these cards. Each clan has their way of crippling their field, forcing their hand or gain more advantage. Those will soften the impact when the ride break happens and you will be prepared for it.

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  1. break rides are actually kind of good, not amazing obviously. You generally would put them in your deck as the filler grade 3. an example being a garmore deck playing 4 garmore, its main grade 3, plus 3 gancelot, the idea being if you don't draw your main grade 3, you ride the break ride unit, then break ride the main unit. Just something I wanted to point out

    1. That is if you see Ride Break as an alternative strategy. As a main strategy, they can ride the same unit and still get the ability, this means that it's possible to pull off the ride break each turn which can lead to a great amount of advantage. The only problem with that strategy is that you will need another grade 3 in your hand, and also maintain a decent field to be able to keep up with the opponent.