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Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardfight!! Vanguard Manga Chapter 11 Translated!!

Phew! It took a while but I finally have a new chapter done! Pretty interesting overall and I am also looking forward to the next chapter! =)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?u69d716p6whj3sd

Edit: You can read them online on my tumblr! http://gundamfinal.tumblr.com/

Edit2: Sorry there was a slight mistake in the previous file, just fixed it!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

TD10: Purgatory Revenger *UPDATE*

Illusion Revenger, Mordred Phantom

Auto Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have 4 or more damage): [Counter Blast (1)] When a rides this unit, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your vanguards, that unit gets power +10000 until end of the turn, search your deck for up to one grade 2 or less <Shadow Paladin>, call it to a rear-guard circle, shuffle your deck, and that unit gets power +5000 until end of the turn.

Auto [V]: When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets power +2000 until end of the battle.

Continuous [V/R]: Lord (This unit cannot attack if you have a unit that does not share the same clan as this unit

Blaster Dark Revenger

Auto: [Counter Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on a vanguard or rear-guard circle, if you have a vanguard with "Revenger" in it's card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your opponent's rear-guard in the front row, and retire it.

Revenger of Nullity, Masquerade

Auto [R]: When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Revenger" in it's card name, this unit gets power +3000 until end of the battle.

Coilbau Revenger

Auto [V/R]: When this unit attacks, if the you have less rear-guards than your opponent, this unit gets power +3000 until end of the battle.

Revenger of Uncertainty, Masquerade

Auto [R]: When this unit attacks, if you have a vanguard with "Revenger" in it's card name, this unit gets power +3000 until end of the battle.

Branbau Revenger

Auto [R]: When this unit boosts a vanguard, if you have less rear-guards than your opponent, the boosted unit gets power +4000 until end of the battle.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips & Hints: Building Jewel Knights

Greetings everyone! Recently I played with Jewel Knights quite a lot and really like the build. There are many different ways to build a Jewel Knight deck. Today I will be writing on tips to building a Jewel Knight deck.

A Jewel Knight deck is a deck revolving around using Jewel Knights. Since most Jewel Knight's skills require you to have at least 4 Jewel Knight on the field, you would want to have most of your cards to be Jewel Knight. Not to mention, Salome's skill require Jewel Knights on your damage zone.

The restriction on requiring a field of Jewel Knights can both be good and bad. The good part is that even if you have a non-Jewel Knight vanguard, the skill can still be used. On the other hand, it is highly weak against retiring skills that will remove your key units from the field.

For a Jewel Knight deck, I would recommend playing only 1 non-Jewel Knight card, if you want to. This of course, does not include triggers. There are the options to play Soul Saver Dragon, Toypugal or even Exculpate.

For the Soul Saver Dragon build, I would recommend having more Tiffany in your deck. As Tiffany not only increases your soul, it also increases your total field power. This will push your opponent to have more damage so you have the maximum pressure when you ride Soul Saver. I would recommend you cut down on Grade 1 because they can be easily called using Salome or Sybil.

The next option is to use Toypugal so that Salome can easily hit 21k without other help. This option has a weakness in it. You have to fully commit to field building. As Toypugal is unable to intercept and also a non-Jewel Knight, you are unable to use Salome's Limit Break without a full field of Jewel Knights. This includes Ashley or another Salome which cannot intercept. All these can contribute to decreasing your defenses. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it.

For the Exculpate build, you would need 4 Blaster Blades. Blaster Blades are pretty cool units to be used along with Jewel Knights as it provides some retiring power. This not only increases your chances at hitting the opponent but also cuts down on your opponent's resources easier. Blaster Blade can also intercept which means that you can fix your field with more ease. I would recommend only having 1 Exculpate as you would not be able to use it if you did not ride Blaster Blade.

The two main key cards for these builds would be Ulien and Tiffany. Ulien is an important unit as a vanguard booster to eat up the non-Jewel Knight damage and to provide a more powerful boost so you can hit the magic numbers. This would provide more pressure towards late game when you have finished using all your Tiffany. Tiffany has a similar function, it can increase the power for 2 Jewel Knight rear-guard which is really powerful.

Overall, Jewel Knights are strong with some setbacks. They have consistent calling powers to bring out key units to build the best field. This also saves their hand, making them pretty defensive. They are also dangerous with their late game power boosts.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

Friday, May 17, 2013

Card Review: Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna!!

Back for another post! Today I will write my opinions on Fortuna! She is a Genesis ace card which has the ability to increase your chance of checking triggers!

When this card first came out I overestimated the card quite a lot because of her ability to allow you to do additional drive check when you don't get a trigger. The ability in itself is very powerful as it lets you decide what you want in your hand to prepare for the upcoming turns.

The ability is somewhat costly at soul blast 3. The number may seem small but it's not easy to build soul enough to check the number of cards you may want. The ability is also a double edged sword as you prepare for her limit break through soul charging units. Needing soul charge means that you run the risk to losing triggers and important cards into your soul which could bring you to a dangerous situation.

Although in saying that, Fortuna is a very powerful unit with the correct setup. Your opponent would need to be alert that they can be double triggered with ease if you have a stack of souls. This means that your opponent would have to use up more shields than usual during late games. This can be used to bluff your opponent into wasting their perfect guards and shields and not using the Limit Break just to use it the next turn.

This may be true but any smart player would know not to let this unit have limit break if they don't have a sentinel or the opponent not having the required soul. It also helps that the break ride units for Genesis doesn't hit for 13k so they would need a 9k booster to hit 21k. Fortuna players also need to beware to not deck out. Because you would want to have at least 12 soul, decking out is quite possible, especially with draw triggers.

Fortuna also has problems when she is rode as the first grade 3. This is because that you would not have the required souls to make an impact. If you want the break ride, you would need to reride twice and that could hurt you on your speed and field building. Being a deck that needs setup, it is also quite slow to be brought into action. With time limits on official tournaments, she might not be the best card to be using.

Fortuna is a very powerful card with beautiful art. Although there are quite a lot of set backs to using her. You would need to practice using her so you would know what to do. Watching out for your deck and remembering your triggers are also important for the build.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crits Against Limit Break!

Hello everyone! It's been a while I wrote a blog post due to various reasons, one of them being that I was not really testing any of the new cards. However, for the past few days, I've used and played against some of the new cards and so decided to make a blog post.

Suggested from the title and cards shown, the topic today is like the last, criticals. From my experience for the past few days, locking your opponent from being able to activate Limit Break does heavy impact on their ability to win a game. The few cards shown above were amazing against any decks which relied on Limit Break and even those which are not using Limit Break.

The cards above has the ability to gain extra critical when certain condition is met. These critical would force your opponent to use either perfect guards or quite a number of shields to avoid losing. The critical is also crucial to keeping your opponent locked at 3 damage. Being able to Break Ride would make these cards even more menacing as most of them lets you gain a critical by Break Riding.

You might say that these cards' effect are Limit Break too. That is unfortunately true, in a match against these cards, it really is not as easy to strategize against them. That's where their secondary effect comes in and help to keep your resources up or decrease your opponent's. The battle would move to taking out opposing rear-guards and decreasing their upcoming attackers to avoid losing yours. I would recommend attacking the Vanguard only when you are confident that your opponent will not be able to retaliate even with Limit Break.

Out of all these units, I believe that Gauntlet Buster is really really dangerous. With Eradicators getting a lot of cards that can easily retire opposing cards, Gauntlet Buster doesn't have much problem getting 3 critical. Eradicators also have grade 1 that can gain power enough to take out any intercepts in the way. The build not only decreases your opponent's field power, it also creates a highly powerful vanguard.

The next problem would be hitting key numbers which is really crucial for these units to effectively cut your opponent's resources. The main card facing this problem would be Salome as she only gets +2k from the Limit Break, without a solid 9k booster, it is not easy to maintain the pressure. However, her ability to call units and the diminishing of opposing rear-guards should still make an impact on your opponent's shield values.

With the current state of the game, it is wise to not attack blindly and allow your opponent to gain access to Limit Break which will cause you to lose a lot of resources. Instead, play a strategic game where you only allow your opponent to Limit Break when you have the resources to take it.