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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips & Hints: Building Jewel Knights

Greetings everyone! Recently I played with Jewel Knights quite a lot and really like the build. There are many different ways to build a Jewel Knight deck. Today I will be writing on tips to building a Jewel Knight deck.

A Jewel Knight deck is a deck revolving around using Jewel Knights. Since most Jewel Knight's skills require you to have at least 4 Jewel Knight on the field, you would want to have most of your cards to be Jewel Knight. Not to mention, Salome's skill require Jewel Knights on your damage zone.

The restriction on requiring a field of Jewel Knights can both be good and bad. The good part is that even if you have a non-Jewel Knight vanguard, the skill can still be used. On the other hand, it is highly weak against retiring skills that will remove your key units from the field.

For a Jewel Knight deck, I would recommend playing only 1 non-Jewel Knight card, if you want to. This of course, does not include triggers. There are the options to play Soul Saver Dragon, Toypugal or even Exculpate.

For the Soul Saver Dragon build, I would recommend having more Tiffany in your deck. As Tiffany not only increases your soul, it also increases your total field power. This will push your opponent to have more damage so you have the maximum pressure when you ride Soul Saver. I would recommend you cut down on Grade 1 because they can be easily called using Salome or Sybil.

The next option is to use Toypugal so that Salome can easily hit 21k without other help. This option has a weakness in it. You have to fully commit to field building. As Toypugal is unable to intercept and also a non-Jewel Knight, you are unable to use Salome's Limit Break without a full field of Jewel Knights. This includes Ashley or another Salome which cannot intercept. All these can contribute to decreasing your defenses. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it.

For the Exculpate build, you would need 4 Blaster Blades. Blaster Blades are pretty cool units to be used along with Jewel Knights as it provides some retiring power. This not only increases your chances at hitting the opponent but also cuts down on your opponent's resources easier. Blaster Blade can also intercept which means that you can fix your field with more ease. I would recommend only having 1 Exculpate as you would not be able to use it if you did not ride Blaster Blade.

The two main key cards for these builds would be Ulien and Tiffany. Ulien is an important unit as a vanguard booster to eat up the non-Jewel Knight damage and to provide a more powerful boost so you can hit the magic numbers. This would provide more pressure towards late game when you have finished using all your Tiffany. Tiffany has a similar function, it can increase the power for 2 Jewel Knight rear-guard which is really powerful.

Overall, Jewel Knights are strong with some setbacks. They have consistent calling powers to bring out key units to build the best field. This also saves their hand, making them pretty defensive. They are also dangerous with their late game power boosts.

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  1. 3 or more , not at least 4

    1. Notice 3 or more OTHER rear-guards. So it's still 4.