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Monday, November 5, 2012

Perfect Raizer Deck Review

With more Raizer units coming up, Perfect Raizer seems to be very dangerous foe to go against. With Cardfight Capital just recently updated with the new Raizers, I decided to test them out myself and they were amazing. The build has amazing consistency to get the required soul for the extra critical. This build is also great to go against megablast builds, and maybe even the upcoming Platinum Ezel.

Previously, great as they are, Raizers build seems to have a problem with reaching the required soul and losing out on hand and field advantage. They also lacked the pressuring critical trigger to make up for consistency. This however is changed with the recently revealed Raizer units. Three new units are added to the Raizer family and they are great for the build.

First of all, this is the decklist I made in Cardfight Capital.

Grade 0 (18)
Evolving Reincarnation, Miraioh -2 (Starter Vanguard)
Battleraizer (Stand Trigger) -4
Minimum Raizer (Critical Trigger) -4
The Gong (Draw Trigger) -4
Wall Boy (Heal Trigger) -4

Grade 1 (15)
Burstraizer -4
Raizer Custom -4
Tough Boy -4
Twin Blader -3

Grade 2 (13)
Brutal Jack -2
High Powered Raizer Custom -4
Street Bouncer -3
Transraizer -4

Grade 3 (4)
Perfect Raizer -4

Yes, this build only has 4 Grade 3. It has a decent focus on defenses and might need to depend on Miraioh to get the grade 3. The basic strategy would be to ride 2 Raizers and calling 2 more Raizer before riding Perfect Raizer. It would be best if you can keep the rear-guard Raizers on the back row. Most of the time, you should be able to get what you need, if not, you would at least have 3 Raizers in your soul and would just need to ride again the next turn for the extra critical.

Without boosters, Perfect Raizer with 4 Raizer in soul can attack on 23k, with a Tough Boy it would be 31. This build highly relies on the vanguard to be the powerhouse as you would, most of the time, have pretty weak rear-guards. Street Bouncer is used to increase the hand advantage and also, chances to drawing into another Raizer, along with Transraizer, they are both great as deck thinner. Also, with only 4 grade 3, Transraizer has a high probability to increase your field advantage. This build also works great against x-rides. The vanguard is a consistent 23k with 2 crits, Jacks can also be easily boosted to 18k with a 7k booster.

I also highly recommend killing rear-guards with your rear-guard units when the opponent is at 4 damage. This would decrease their amount of attacks, or decrease their hand size. It also provides a heal lock, if you're at 5 damage.

Some of the weakness for this deck is that it highly relies on the vanguard. With a decent amount of perfect guards, the opponent won't be losing any hand advantage for a while. Raizers also have low powered grade 1 and 2 units. This would give your opponent a high chance to make an early rush to pressure you. Since you can't really afford to lose out on Raizer units or any other units at all, you're forced to take the damage. At late game however, you gain a pretty decent advantage with the 11k vanguard.

Overall, the new addition of Raizer units are amazing. It not only increases the chance for having the required soul in the soul, it also makes it consistent to have Raizers on the field, decent deck thinning and field advantage.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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  1. "The vanguard is a consistent 23k with 2 crits"
    Do you mean during your turn because of P Raizer's ability?