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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About Triggers: Draw Trigger is Best Trigger!!

Hello everyone, today I decided to write about triggers. I will write about how they are useful and why you should have them.

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As stated in the title, I think that draw triggers are the best triggers in the game. They let you gain advantage no matter when the are checked and also plays an important role in some builds. In basic, draw triggers let's you draw a card and also give a unit 5k power increase when they are checked. Draw triggers are mainly used in decks to increase their hand advantage and also field consistency. Draw triggers however, only has 5k points worth of shield; compared to most of the grade 0 cards, which have 10k points shield. Some of the draw triggers are also used because of their skills.

Draw triggers are also good to be used as boosters on the field, as they only have 5k shield, you don't have to worry about losing out on guards. They are great to increase your total attacking power when you don't have enough. They are also great to be used for sacrifice and cost paying. Some cards require you to discard cards from your hand or sacrifice a unit on your field, draw triggers could be used for these situations which would most possibly give you a better card in return. Draw triggers are also a very good card to be used to guard lower powered attacks. This means that you don't have to waste additional shields to guard. More rear-guards also means you have more consistency to get your perfect guards out.

Draw triggers are also good in conditions of either the opponent retiring your units or just focusing on dealing damage to you. You would be able to draw units to replace the retired units and have a chance to gain hand advantage when you damage check a draw trigger. Draw triggers however do have their own weaknesses and having too many of them might be bad for you. One weakness to having too many draw triggers is that you will deck out faster with the increased draw power.

Another weakness to running more draw triggers is that it only has 5k shield. This means that the total shield value of your deck will drop by a little. This problem can be solved in a few ways. One is to play high powered units. You create columns of high powered rear-guards and attack your opponent so they would waste more of their hand than you would. Another solution would be to have alternative 10k shields, like special intercepts or grade 1 cards which can be 10k when placed on the guard zone. This would balance out the shield deficit and possibly increase your hand advantage. The last solution would be to have a stand based deck. Stands allow you to attack again, which would decrease your opponent's hand advantage over yours and balance out the difference in shields. Besides those, having a vanguard with a high base power also helps, and pressuring units to force your opponent to guard is also good.

In conclusion, I would recommend everyone to play draw triggers. Seriously, they are the best trigger in the game! Make consistent fields and increases options to what you can play. The difference in hand size can also make your opponent think twice before they decide to play more boosters or place out more guards.

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