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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Look at the NEW Cross-Rides!

Hello everyone, I have not been writing for a while now because I have been quite busy for the past few weeks. Although I have some topics in mind, this would be the first. New cards have just been recently revealed with Amaterasu and Vermillion cross rides among the revealed cards.

I have had the privilege to test out Amaterasu myself and to be frank, she seems pretty plain and so are the other revealed x-rides this time round. One of the troubles that these x-rides share is field presence. A good hand is required for them to setup a decent field. Maybe that is my problem but, I have been struggling a bit to keep up with my opponent due to difference in field.

Amaterasu is a decent card with a decent Limit Break. She allows you to add an Oracle Think Tank from your deck to your hand when she hits at the cost of 2 damage. With an on hit ability, she is a good pressure unit and can be used along with other pressure units like LibraTom and Apollon. She can also easily be a 13k base with Inaba. Although so, I seem to have problem with setting up a decent field early on the game. Even if I have a decent field, protecting it takes quite a lot of effort on it's own. The reason is that Amaterasu doesn't have as much draw power as the CoCo and Tsuku builds and the fact that you need to have CEO in soul for the +2k. This problem could be slightly fixed with Dark Cat, Petal Fairy, Lulu starter and more draw triggers. She is also not much pressure without the required 4 damage, when you have reached 4 damage, the opponent would have had 4-5 damage and would rather put up a tight defense. One exception is against rush decks, where Amaterasu shines best. Although you would be in a disadvantage of damage but you would have more pressure and have the opponent in a heal lock.

The Blood, another Limit Break 5 however, the ability only looks half decent. Basically, it's a Vermillion with more power and added critical. The extra critical would force your opponent to guard the vanguard since they would most likely have 4 or more damage. Considering the cost, you would most likely be able to use it's ability for only once, unlike Platinum, you don't get to have a very powerful unflipper. The only way you would be able to use the ability twice would be through a heal trigger which I would rather use on cards like Deathscythe and the new Voltage Crow... if only Narukami had a Kimnara. Like Amaterasu, The Blood would probably be facing the same problems on rear-guards but they can make up by retiring enemy units. You would also need to wait till you have 5 damage to be able to use The Blood's ability.

Glory Maelstrom's ability is still a secret for now but other than that, there are a bunch of other very interesting cards revealed, including cards that have the ability to be treated as another clan! To sum it up, I think the x-rides this time are a little plain. They seem to have a high restriction and cost on their abilities. The abilities are powerful but somewhat, disappointing. For most of them, I would rather play them on their own than with their previous 'form' just for the +2k. That is it for now, until next time.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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