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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh My, it's a Persona Break!

I was the one who edited the image
Or, Limit Blast, however you would like to call it. Two newly revealed cards, Farah and Shirayuki was revealed with Limit Break abilities that require to discard a copy of their own from your hand as the cost. This makes the ability very restrictive but their abilities are a decent for the restrictions. The strict requirement also made it so that the damage cost is greatly reduced. Although, with the high restriction, you would most possibly only be able to use the ability 1-2 times per game.

These two cards have 11k base power and the ability officially dubbed "Lord" by Bushiroad. They are also both of RR rarity. These units are great additions to their clans and their low requirement for damage makes it so that you would be able to spend more on other cards.

Farah's ability lets you soul charge 2 and call a Pale Moon from your soul. This ability is great to refill your field with boosters or intercepters. Calling out Purple Trapezist can rearrange your field a little, and possibly calling either Laquer or Partner for a 11k column with more soul to expend. Farah also works great with Fire Juggler and Midnight Bunny since you can bring them out again for consistent pressure. You could build up some soul with Robert but I would rather play her with Laquer and Alice.

Shirayuki can be said to be an improvement to Mandala Lord. With the Limit Break, Shirayuki decreases your opponent's power by 20k instead of Mandala's 10k. However, Shirayuki doesn't have Mandala's searching units. This ability is very powerful defensive wise, especially against Vermillion which has the ability to attack all your front row. You would bring down Vermillion to a mere 3k or the cross ride, 8k max, assuming that they have a 10k booster. Since power can be brought down to negative values, sometimes, you might not even have to bring out more for defenses. You could run her with the Magatsu chain for some early rush advantage and have late game defenses. I can see this build being very dangerous with stands and draws since Shirayuki herself is a great shield and the stand could really bring down the opposing forces.

These two cards has beautiful art and pretty amazing abilities. I can't wait to see them in action and maybe trying them myself. Although, I'm not too much of a Pale Moon or Murakumo player.

CoCo 4 Lyf
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