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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Annoying Murakumo: Magatsu Chain

Cardfight Capital's recent update included the revealed Murakumo cards from set 9 and also units from the upcoming extra boosters. After playing with and against them, I will write on what I think about them.

First up is Murakumo. The Magatsu ride chain is the main focus. I have not played using the Murakumo units but, they are very annoying. This isn't a bad thing for them, since making your opponent feeling annoyed means that the cards are strong. This ride chain gains a great amount of advantage if they go first. When the ride chain is successfully executed, you are able to call out 2 of the units you rode from your deck. This means that you are able to attack without wasting cards from your hand. It provides a rushing strategy and also anti-rush. The called units are able to deal more damage to your opponent, take down their rear-guards and also decrease their hand size. All these are especially painful for decks that needs setup time, and also those that likes early rush needs to look out because their rears can be easily taken out and so they will lose out on later game attacking advantage.

They gain advantage by going first because you will definitely have a vanguard with a lower power than their attacking units. This means that as long as you don't get a trigger from damage check, each attack from the called units can either deal damage or take out some of your shields. If you went first, you would have to consider conserving your hand and not attack by calling more rears. You would want to have a 10k vanguard against their grade 2 attacks, since they only have 9k power. If you called a rear-guard to attack, it has a high possibility to be taken down by the called units.

While they do all this, they don't lose out on hand advantage since they don't have to call units from their hand. All they really need are boosters, and Leaf Racoon works great with the hand advantage. Although the units goes back to their deck, it doesn't really matter because the player would want to take damage until they can perform their Limit Break. Like any of their abilities, the Limit Break calls out more units for them but, the vanguard also gains 3k power for just counterblast 2.

The annoying part is that you will not be able to attack their rears unless if you have cards that can attack their back row. Also, if you attacked their rears, they can easily bring them back so it's not worth it. To boot it up, they have a possibility to have a 11k base power vanguard. This means that you will need 21k columns to go against them. Consideration on sacrificing rears or hand is also quite painful. Their strategies are basic but deadly. Early game rush and late game hand advantage with a high power vanguard. Even if you tried to rush them, they are able to turn it against you.

For triggers, they are mostly critical based with the new critical trigger. More draws can also be used to have  advantage when they get damage triggered and also works for Leaf Racoon. Their consistent shuffling also changes the trigger position in their deck so it's not easy to calculate and predict.

These new cards are an amazing new addition for the Murakumo clan. Altough their moves can be easily read, it's not too easy for your opponent to come up with an answer to fight against it. All in all, you can sit back and relax with this build as long as you have enough shields on your side. All your opponent can do is focus fire on your vanguard and despair while you damage checks draw triggers into more hand advantage and watch you Limit Break your way to victory.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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