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Friday, October 26, 2012

Nova Support Extra Booster and Set 9!!

Epic Cosmo Lord!
This time, I'll be posting on the Extra Booster and set 9 for the Nova Grapplers.

The upcoming extra booster provided some very interesting addition and new build for the Nova Grapplers  Among the cards, I noticed that there are support for UL Cosmo Lord. UL Cosmo have been thought to be one of the worst RRR card, if not the worst, but that will changed with the Extra Booster. Death Army units are getting two very special units that allows them to stand any of your Death Army units. These two cards are DA Knight and DA Bishop. This allows you to stand units after resting them with either Cosmolord at a low cost. These two cards made UL Cosmo a pretty decent build. Even without unflippers, UL Cosmo will be able to hit a pretty high power each turn without worrying about other units being unable to attack.

Besides the Critical Trigger Raizer,  two more Raizer units will be available in set 9, which are Burstraizer and Transraizer. These units are a great addition for the Raizers as it greatly increases the probability to get the required soul for Perfect Raizer's critical and also helps keep it at 11k base power. Burstraizer can provide an extra push for the perfect number and Transraizer helps by providing a chance at calling another unit.

So... it has come to this. A cross-ride for Novas! In set 9, Novas will be getting a X-ride for Azure Dragon, along with archetype, Beast Deity. Super Beast Deity, Ilminal Dragon has an awesome art and a great ability.  The upcoming Beast Deity increases their own power when they are stand during the Battle Phase this makes them very dangerous as both rear killers and also on dealing more damage. The cost might be a little high, but that can be easily solved with Toolkit Boy as boosters.

I think Bushiroad must love Nova Grapplers so much to give them so many different builds. All the variety of builds are great and has a fair chance of their own. Even cheaper builds like Top Gun and Gold Rutile are great units. Novas are coming up to be one of the most interesting clan in Cardfight!! Vanguard and the variety of builds will surely attract more people into playing them.

CoCo 4 Lyf
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