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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Card Review: Crimson Impact, Metatron

In the last episode, some new cards for Angel Feathers was introduced in the anime for Cardfight!! Vanguard. They came to be known as the Crimson series. Later on, these cards were showed as card of the day in the official Japanese website. Today, I'll be writing on what I think about this new series for the Angel Feathers clan.

The first time I saw this card, I had my doubts on it's ability to improve on the Angel Feathers. The only appeal I could see is the possibility to pull off a superior ride. However, after watching other people play using it, this card showed a great amount of power and potential.

This card's Limit Break can bring a Calamity boosted by Pegasus to attack on 25k, and also easily bring out a Kiriel and Charger. Even with just Pegasus boosters, it has a high consistency to bring out 21k columns. The options you have for this ability can be increased using the Doctroids which also enables you to recycle triggers. Doctroids also further increase Pegasus' powers and also brings your damage up so that you have the chance to heal. The Doctroids can later be swapped for better units in the damage. Metatron herself also gets an increase in power when attacking the enemy vanguard, along with the grade 2 and grade 1 crimsons which can be easily placed into the damage zone, this card can hit for a very high amount of power.

The crimson series is a great addition to the Angel Feathers clan. With this card, I can see a possible Dindrane clone for Angel Feathers, which abilities activate when called from the damage zone. That will give Angel Feathers the speed it needs to match up with the other clans.

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