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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming English Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows (Part2) - The New Ride Chains

After a busy week, I finally got myself some time off to make a new post. In this post, I will write about the upcoming ride chains in this booster set. I really like this ride chain because if you get the grade 1, you are secured with a grade 2 ride. The grade 1 also allows you to swap out a grade 3 in your hand to search for the required grade 3 ride for the chain. This also thins your deck and decreases the amount of non-shield card in your deck and at the same time, increases the possibility for you to get a trigger on checks. These ride chains are also pretty powerful, with the best in my opinion, the Blau series.

First off, I'll start off with the Ambers series. The Ambers series are one of the more difficult cards to master in this game. The most used strategy for this build from what I have seen is to play it with Heatnail Salamander to apply pressure to the opponent, forcing them to guard, or lose a unit. The downside to Eclipse is that the ability is an ACT ability. This means you would need to pay the cost before attacking, or hitting. This eats up your damage but, you might not get to retire anything. Kagero also doesn't have a decent 10k booster, making this card even more difficult to use. Some of the good points for this card though, is that you have grade 2 12k attackers and Eclipse can be an 11k Vanguard.

Secondly, we have the megacolony Giraffa. The Giraffa chain is quite decent and you have a possibility to win even with just it's grade 2 due to it's ability to keep cards at rest. Together with Violent Vesper, this unit can be quite a tough opponent, especially when they have a pretty consistent 10k booster. Unlike Eclipse, Giraffa's ability is an AUTO on hit. This means that you only pay when you hit the opponent, which means, a consistent pressure. Although it can only retire grade 1 or less units, they deal more than enough damage to cripple your opponent's offense and defensive powers.

Next, we have the Enigman chain. This chain is pretty decent. If you get the chain, the grade 2 let's you draw a card if it has at least 14k power when attacking, the grade 3 gains a critical if it has at least 15k power when attacking. With Cosmobeak and Cosmo Roar this build is pretty consistent with getting the extra power. Commander Laurel is also a good card to play with this card as it allows you to stand your Vanguard, and if you get a trigger, the vanguard would have gained a critical due to +5000 from trigger.

Lastly, the Stern chain. Although not too easy to pull off, this unit has the ability to stand itself and the unit behind it when it hits a Vanguard, at the cost of counter blast 2 and 2 cards from your hand. This card can apply a consistent pressure on the opponent and can give you the win even if you seem to be on the losing end. With critical triggers, this card is a very dangerous opponent. It is able to stand more than once per turn if you have enough damage and cards in your hand to pay with. This card also have a consistency in making 20k columns and also with the upcoming trial, 21k columns with Death Metal Droid.

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