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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Delicious Treat for the Oracles

This girl here is Misaki
Finally, information on the units for the Extra Boosters was revealed in the latest KeroKero Ace magazine. The main topic for this post is on the Oracle Think Tanks.

After a long wait, we finally get to see the abilities for Fromage, Waffle and Macaron. These units seems to be units focused on decks with mostly Battle Sisters.

Fromage's Limit Break allows you to draw 2 at the cost of 3 damagecards if you have at least 4 Battle Sister rear-guards. The requirement can be easily done with the amount of Battle Sisters available for Oracles and also the new starter vanguard, Battle Sister, Waffle. With the same requirement, Fromage also gains 4000 power during your turn. The good thing about this build is that it does not rely on either Soul or Souless however, you will be giving up on having higher power rear-guards.

Since you would need to have a field field filled with Battle Sisters, your deck would most likely be filled with them. This means that you would least likely to have either MilkGemini or Tom. Even if you have them, it's ideal to only have one of them on your field. You could, at most, have 2 columns of 20k with Macaron and Fromage herself. With the low power, you will be having trouble against opposing 20k columns since you would be using up more of your hands for guarding than your opponent. Toms also are not as useful against 21k vanguards without Gemini boosting.

What I like about this card is that it is a very flexible card. You could still make a deck not focusing on Battle Sisters and go with raw power along with pressure units like Tom and Libra. You can try to pull off the limit break once and then continue on the game with rears and maybe even a CEO ride over. This build also has consistency to bring out a decent field against cross-rides. Cocoa also provides some foresight.

Strategy wise, I think this build can utilize stand triggers more than Tsuku or CoCo builds. They can have focus on taking down dangerous enemy rear-guards, and stand triggers will help with that. Against 10k vanguards, they should have a pretty decent advantage, since you can build a high powered vanguard and a column of 20k attacker pretty easily with Macaron and Souffle. Early rushing is also an option with Omelette and Maple. Cocoa foresight can be used to force out guards and also help you strategize your moves.

Overall, the Battle Sisters build is great. It has a lot of potential and I see it as a pretty fun build.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out


  1. Okay, first things first, THANKS for the lovely picture. XD

    Second, as tempting as it is to play a Battle Sister deck whose focused on Fromage as the VG, I still find the draw power a bit too weak. =( If compared to CEO whose SC allows the player to check the top card and the ability to play a 6 soul deck or Koko whose ability to draw quite easily and her Soulless units who have high power which conditions that can be easily fulfilled, it seems Fromage does not really make much of an impact. Her condition to activate her power gain is slightly harder to fulfill since you pretty much lost your connections to cards such as Gemini, Milk, Silent Tom who are pretty much almost staple units of the deck. Not to mention that they already lack high powered boosters which makes it really hard to go against the 11k to 13k base.

    Although I do agree that it would be a fun build. Not to mention that it is a pure girl deck XD

    1. Personally, I am very excited for all the new cards. The Battle Sisters deck is one of those I would really like to try. Besides single games, Fromage would do great in a tag game along with damage unflipper/swappers. Also, yes, being being able to play a pure girl deck is one of the reasons to play the build xD

      CoCo 4 Lyf
      Peace Out

    2. The feeling is mutual. XD True, I can see it working well with the Raiser Novas who barely rely on CB in their deck, have on of the easiest access to unflipping and who lack hand power for their Perfect Raiser's ability. Honestly speaking, I have always love the idea of girl power in a deck. (Ever since I saw OTT in ep 1, I always hoped to make one in real life. XD)