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Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Decklist: Top Gun

Cardfight Capital just got updated to 8.1, with the Death Army units. Using them, I made a Top Gun deck, which is working great! (Besides my luck of misriding) Here's the build.

Grade 0 (17)
Death Army Pawn -1
Red Lightning (critical trigger) -4
Turboraizer (stand trigger) -4
The Gong (draw trigger) -4
Wall Boy (heal trigger) -4

Grade 1 (14)
Death Army Bishop -4
Death Army Guy -3
Tough Boy -4
Twin Blader -3

Grade 2 (12)
Death Army Lady -4
Death Army Knight -4
Death Army Rook -4

Grade 3 (7)
Top Gun -4
Miss Splendor -3

The strategy is pretty basic. You rest your DA(Death Army) units using Pawn's skill, and stand them using Bishop's skill. Keep Pawn boosting the vanguard, even without other units attacking, Top Gun will attack at 22k. This build however is weak against retiring builds. Since it highly relies on Pawn to rest other units. I decided to use Miss Splendor because of her anti intercept and the fact that this build doesn't rely too much on counterblast. Forming a column of DA Lady and Guy is also recommended.

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