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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review and Decklist: Zeal Series

Hello everyone. I got myself some free time, so I might as well post something in my now, less active blog. Recently, a new ride chain was introduced for the  Dimension Police clan. It is the Zeal series. These new cards have the abilities to decrease your opponent's Vanguard's power! Each successful ride to the next chain decreases your opponent's Vanguard's power by 3000 for the turn. The grade 3 has a Limit Break that decreases your opponent's Vanguard's power by the amount of your Dimension Police rear-guards!

I must say, the effect to decrease opponent's Vanguard's power is quite powerful. This enables you to hit the opponent with low power cards and also, forces out more cards from their hand to guard. You can either run both critical and stand builds for this card.

For critical builds, you would want to have 20k or more columns on your rear-guards. These power gives a lot of pressure to the opponent especially with the decrease in power.

Next, the stand build which is more interesting, in my opinion. My decklist today also focuses on this kind of build. Stands enables you to hit again, which can be deadly with the decrease in power. Miracle Beauty can also stand the unit behind it, I added Dancing Wolf just because of this. In a stand build, you also have Guide Dolphin which can increase your card's powers.

One last build is the Laurel build. This build can be either critical or stand based, or even a mix of both. Laurel is a Dimension Police card that can stand your Vanguard when your Vanguard hits the opponent's Vanguard, which can be pulled off quite easily with the power decrease. This gives you some hand advantage and also, possible extra critical hits from triggers.

Here is my decklist:
Grade 0 (17)
Larva Beast, Zeal x1
Army Penguin x4 (Draw)
Justice Rose x4 (Heal)
Guide Dolphin x4 (Stand)
Cosmo Fang x2 (Stand)
Justice Cobalt x2 (Critical)

Grade 1 (14)
Eye of Destruction, Zeal x4
Diamond Ace x3
Ground Support-Based Enigship x3
Dancing Wolf x2
Glory Maker x2

Grade 2 (12)
Devourer of Planets, Zeal x4
Twin Order x3
Super Dimensional Robo, Dailady x3
Cosmic Mothership x2

Grade 3 (7)
Galactic Beast, Zeal x4
Miracle Beauty x3

I think this card is a very powerful card. It can work in builds without the ride chain. Unfortunately, I don't really like this card. I think it is a little too boring and linear. Games I played with this card are somewhat uneventful and simple, which makes the games boring. However, I do think that this is a very interesting addition to the Dimension Police clan.

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  1. Hey kira cbox here zeal isnt boring yes the playstyle is kinda auto/simple but it's still fun! now to comment about your decklist i think it's very well made the dailady's in their to make a great combo with the power decreasing skills personally i run the libra-clone and yes ik why do that in a deck based around cb but it helps the pressure alot and such plus i can draw if i need something else in my hand. Your trig line up kinda suprised me, right now i'm running 4 of each just to see which i like better for the deck both crit and stand are great in the deck but i also like draws because they increase the gap in hand size even more after your opponents extra guards thanks to the ride chain so i'm still thinking. Another thing you should try using lady justice as your second grade 3 with the zeal line her hitting 12k without a boost really helps you hold on to hand and with stands can hit for 17k which since more vg's after g3 zeal skill will be either 5 or 6k thats a big number. Now i've gone on long enough so hit me back with your thoughts and i'll see you on byond or tco