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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Narukami Build

I made a Narukami deck. Yeah, that's it. It's pretty consistent =)

Grade 0 (17)
Spark Kid Dragoon -1
Yellow Gem Carbuncle (Critical) -4
Malevolent Djinn (Critical) -2
Dragon Dancer Catharina (Stand) -2
Old Dragon Mage (Draw) -4
Demonic Dragon Nymp, Seiobo (Heal) -4

Grade 1 (14)
Red River Dragoon -4
Dragon Dancer Rai Rai -3
Wyvern Guard Guld -3
Photon Bomber Wyvern -2
Rising Phoenix -2

Grade 2 (12)
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Garuda -4
Dragonic Deathscythe -3
Hex Cannon Wyvern -3
Thunder Storm Dragoon -2

Grade 3 (7)
Divine Seal Dragon, Dungaree -2
Thunder Break Dragon -2
Djinn of the Lightning Flash -2
Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion -1


  1. I just want to ask, is it really worth playing Dungaree or that many Rai Rai? Since in order to use Dungaree as a RG, you need to have ridden 1 as the VG to maintain its 11k base and Rai Rai's soul blast can't exactly be overused since Narukami has pretty much limited souls to mess around.

  2. Many people look at Dungaree as an individual unit. When seen that way, Dungaree looks like a very bad card indeed, I've had my doubts of the card myself. Ideally, you would want to use Dungaree's Limit Break only once per game. One good thing about Dungaree is that you can add in cards from other clans to provide more pressure and Dungaree will still stay as 11k Vanguard. You are also mistaken about one thing, Dungaree is always 9k on the rear-guard. Running 3 Rai Rai is just for more consistency, you can also run 2, if you like. Also, the skill is mostly used to either as a finisher or eat up hand/force a perfect guard, and only if you have soul to spare. The latest video in my Youtube channel features this deck, you can have a look at it.

  3. Oh i see. Truth to be told, I'm currently running a Vermillion/Thunder Break based deck and I was considering of running 2 Dungaree to replace the Djinns in my deck but considering the skill, I thought it might slow the deck down since I have to ride him first. I just felt like asking this but is it really worth running Dungaree in a Vermillion/Thunder Break based deck? What do you think?

  4. I can't actually tell you if it's worth it but, I can tell you it's advantage compared to Vermillion. First of all, it's lower in cost. This means that you have more open damage to use for other card's counterblast. Secondly, it lets you choose a specific front row unit. Vermillion is only able to attack the front row, so your opponent has the choice if they wanted to protect one of their units. Overall, Dungaree would be worth it if you will be using a lot of units with counterblast skills.

  5. Ah, I see. I think I might try running 2 of them first and see how it works but I'm still kinda confused about Dungaree's ability. If I ride a Dungaree and call 1 as a RG, does the RG retains its 11k or does it becomes a 9k? The text on the card or rather the translation is rather vague about it.

    I have another question which is about its Limit Break. Assuming I have ridden a Dungaree, used up 1 bind card for the Limit Break and the next turn I ride another Dungaree to bind another 2 cards. Can I use the card bind by my 1st Dungaree for its Limit Break or I can only use the bind cards by the 2nd?

  6. A rear-guard Dungaree is always 9k. No, you cannot use the cards bound by the 1st Dungaree for your second Dungaree ride. These are confirmed by Bushiroad.
    Currently I am testing out a pure Dungaree build with no other main g3 Vanguards, with the new promo Vasuki and also a Kagero unit, Makoraga.