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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exploiting the Rear Drive Rule

Hello everyone! A few episodes ago, cardfight games with special rules was introduced in the anime. One of them was the rear drive rule, which means that rear-guards can do drive checks. For this rule, when a rear-guard drive checks, after a check, the checked card is placed at the bottom of the deck after all the effects are activated. I was asked to play and record this particular game rule for the game but, I will kindly refuse. One of the reason is that this game rule can be easily exploited.

First of all, stand triggers are very good in this game rule, which allows for more attacks and drive checks. Next, abilities that can cause rearguards to stand is also rules in this game rule. Besides that, like in the anime,  the player going first has a great and unfair advantage against players going second, this is because they can ride to grade 3 first, this is of course, not counting superior rides.Here are some cards which are very very good in this game rule.

Dragonic Overlord, sure, it's ability causes it lose twin drive even on rear-guard, but the increase in 5000 power and the ability to stand after killing a rear-guard greatly makes up for it. Stand triggers makes this card even more dangerous as a rear-guard with this game rule.

Asura Kaiser, although it's effect can only be used in the Vanguard circle, it's enough to totally dominate the game. In an Asura build, you would have quite decent amount of grade 3 to use it's effect. This means that you will possibly have at least 1 grade 3 rear-guard. Along with stand triggers, this deck build has the most stand power in the game, especially when the stand triggers are recycleable.

Enigman Rain, Miracle Beauty and Commander Laurel. These three can make an especially dangerous combination on the field. They all synergize on standing units and I can see a possible unlimited amount of attacks when the triggers are right.

Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor, this card's Limit Break would eat up your hand but, in this game mode, it's way more worth it than it is in a normal game. Along with the amount of drive checks possible, it's a game finisher.

Those are just some of the cards I found. I believe there are more cards which can easily exploit this game mode, and thus I will possibly never play this game mode.

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