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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Booster Set Ever!!!

Cards that will be reprinted in the upcoming Extra Booster: Celestial Valkyries and Infinite Phantom Legion have been revealed! Just to tell you guys, my favorite card in the game is Scarlet Witch, CoCo, in case if you didn't know. Therefore, the Celestial Valkyries booster is like a dream come true for me.

This booster set contains a lot of cards needed to complete my deck, and will help others to complete cards necessary for their Oracle Builds at a lower cost, unless of course, if you're planning to build a Tsukuyomi deck, which then you will have to get the separate Tsukuyomi cards (Better get started now!).

The best thing about this booster so far is that is that there will be reprints for Trial Deck exclusive cards and also Promo card reprints. Some of those cards are,  Goddess of Fortune Flowers, SakuyaOmniscience MadonnaDark Cat and also the new Battle Sister Omelette! Although, I am a little disappointed not being able to see Sphere Magus in the set. I am also really looking forward to the new cards in this set.

Another point for this deck is the decrease in rarity value for the cards, this means less shiny cards but the cards can be found at a lower price, which could mean a good or bad thing depending on the situation hehe.

I am planning to buy 2 boxes of this booster when it get released in English and might get a box for the recently released Rampage of the Beast King, or just get a single Lulu card.

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