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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dream Deck Review: Scarlet Witch, CoCo

From a previous post, I have my Scarlet Witch, CoCo deck. I made quite a few changes to it since then. Here's the new decklist.

Grade 0 (17)
Little Witch, Lulu (Starter) -1
Psychic Bird (Critical) -4
Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical) -2
Miracle Kid (Draw) -4
Dream Eater (Draw) -2
Lozenge Magus (Heal) -4

Grade 1 (15)
Battle Sister, Chocolat -4
Battle Sister, Omelette -2
Oracle Guardian, Gemini -4
One Who Gazes at the Truth -3
Wheather Girl, Milk -2

Grade 2 (12)
Battle Sister, Glace -3
Oracle Guardian, Wiseman -3
Promise Daughter -3
Security Guardian -3

Grade 3 (6)
Scarlet Witch, CoCo -4
Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya -2

Let's start from the triggers, the grade 0s down to the grade 3s. First of all, you can see that I have decreased the amount of critical triggers and increased the amount of draw triggers, this is because I noticed that my previous deck had an extreme disadvantage against 20k columns. The extra draw trigger can give me a boost in defense as well as having (more) hand advantage. It also gives me more chance to recycle my Heal Trigger.

Next, in the list of grade 1s, you can see that I added Milk, the 10k booster. This card is the main vanguard booster. The increased draw trigger further increases the consistency for it's ability. It also helps my cards reach 23k or 24k to hit Cross-Rides. Another problem solved by Milk is the need for Gemini to boost my Vanguard. This means that Gemini can be used to boost the rear-guards instead.

I've made a lot of changes onto the grade 2 cards. I swapped Mocha with Glace. Well, this really is up to what you want. What I like about Glace is that it can stay on 11k even for long games where I will not have 4 or more hand. I've also swapped Brakki for Promise Daughter. Promise Daughter will be my power attacker. Of course, I will only use her ability when I have an extra card to use, which is helped by the draw triggers. I've also changed Tom for Security Guardian. One reason is to fight against opposing 20k columns, another, to counter opposing Toms.

Lastly, I've went back to my original setup of grade 3, being 4 CoCo and 2 Sakuya. The deck I posted on my last post was actually an edit of that original deck. Running less grade 3 is actually good for this deck, as I will have more shield power. This also means that I don't have to run grade 3 on my rears so that I have space for interceptors. The increased Sakuya gives more chance to ride her and return Lulu, and also rearrange the field. Sakuya also helps against Megacolony rest abilities.

The main focus for this deck is to ride CoCo over CoCo for as many times possible. Then, clearing out the soul with One Who Gazes at the Truth. Truth with Glace makes the perfect column for almost any situation as they will reach 16k, with or without soul. Also, depending on the situation, recycling heal triggers can help a lot. This build will be pretty cheap with the upcoming Extra Booster 5. The only cards missing from that booster would be Lulu, Security Guardian, Promise Daughter and maybe the need for a second draw, if the booster doesn't get one.

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