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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Offensive Advantage: Stand Trigger!

Hello everyone! As you can see from the title, this time I am writing on stand trigger! Stand trigger is a very interesting trigger for this game. It also has multiple functions to turning the table and winning you the game.

Stand trigger is known to be the less preferred offensive trigger due to the fact that criticals can win you the game at 4 damage. However, when you are brought down to 5 damage, stands really does matter and could turn the tables around for you.

Stand triggers are also good for players who likes killing rear-guards. Stand triggers allow more attacks and is very annoying when you really want to protect that one unit and they want to take it down. Aside from being able to attack more, the trigger also gives a 5000 power boost which makes defending even more difficult. The ability to do this is very crucial to the current meta because most decks depends on building a field and maintaining a ideal field for the best advantage.

Like critical triggers, stand triggers could also help you deal more damage to your opponent. However, your opponent is given the choice on whether they want to be dealt the damage. This would mean that they would have to sacrifice hand to defend. That is where the trigger gives you advantage. You would either be eating up the opponent's field or hand.

As the trigger gives you advantage, it would be wise to use stand triggers in builds that are lacking in power. stands makes up for the lack of power by giving you the ability to remove threats and decreasing the opponent's advantage. Some of the builds which relies on stands to gain more advantage are Pale Moon decks, Fromage decks, Bermuda decks, Great Nature and more.

The trigger also works extremely well with pressure units. By pressure units I mean units that have on hit abilities. An example would be Libra, when she hits, you can counter blast 2 to draw a card. The trigger would give you another chance at hitting and so, another chance to pull off the ability. You could also stand units to use their abilities when attacking which are mostly Great Nature units. ie. Binoculus Tiger.

The trigger however, has it's own weaknesses. A pure stand build would not have the ability to finish the opponent at 4 damage with just a trigger. Therefore, clear planning would be needed to avoid ultimate break abilities. Stand triggers are also not much use when you don't have a field setup. Without at least another unit that can attack, drive checking stands would not help you.

Stand triggers are just as good as criticals. The triggers is what differentiate the player's build and play style. Stands allows you more attacks so the opponent would need more to guard. Stands can also decide the game when your opponent is relying on their perfect guards to defend your last few attacks.

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  1. Great article! I think stand triggers are good cards. However, some players think stand triggers are useless and are missing out on great opportunities.

  2. Ive been using stands from day 1. In an All Crit world players never see them coming!