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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Clan: Genesis Review

Hello everyone! Most of you should know that a new clan was introduced along with the latest revelation of cards, the Genesis clan.

From what can be seen from the anime, Genesis will be the clan that Misaki will be using for the new season. The clan is quite similar to Oracle Think Tank but slightly different.

Based on what they have now, the main ace card for the clan would be Battle Deity of Moonlit Night, Artemis. Artemis is part of a ride chain and is very unique among the ride chains. Their grade 1 helps you better secure your grade 2 and stacks up soul, the grade 2 also stacks up soul for the limit break. Which unlike other similar ride chains, it doesn't actually generate advantage but it sets up in preparation for the limit break.

Artemis is an amazing unit. I would say that it is the most consistent ride chain to be able to get to 11k. Because of her ability to add a card from the hand to the soul, you can easily add in the grade 2 when you don't have it in your soul. The ability to draw and replace cards in the hand also increases the chance to get perfect guards which are crucial during late games.

In the revealed magazine, the keyword for the clan is "soul". This could mean that the soul setup would be crucial for future units to generate advantage. For now, we only see the part where they generate hand power but they could possibly gain different types of advantage for future units.

Because of that, this makes the clan more aggressive compared to Oracles. You would be stacking up more attacks early game with units that can give you extra soul during early game to setup for late game. This would make stands more viable compared to Oracles.

With what little cards they have now, Genesis is a pretty solid clan that can hold their own against any builds. What they are currently lacking is the options for triggers. For now, you can mix it with Oracles or Dark Irregulars to increase the trigger options. I am really looking forward to see more cards released for this clan.

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