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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Card Review: Bad End Dragger

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I wrote a review on a card. Today it will be Bad End Dragger. This card is the break ride unit for the Spike Brothers clan.

This is an amazing card for the Spike Brothers clan and opens up some great builds for both old and new cards. The build most preferred would be the Bad End + Dudley Emperor for five super charged attacks. This build is very powerful but will eat up most of your defenses at the end of the ride break. Some of the flaws this build has would be the fact that you need to sacrifice two cards in your hand for Dudley Emperor.

Other than the Bad End + Emperor, Bad End also greatly improved cards like General Seifried, Sky Diver and Dudley Dan. Personally I prefer using these units compared to Just relying on Dudley Emperor. That being said, I think Bad End would be great in an 8 draw trigger deck. You will get your rush field earlier and has more cards to pay for Dudley Emperor/Dan abilities. There is also the option to rely on Panzer Gale for heavier attacks during the early game.

Currently, Spike Brothers has a great number of pressure units. These cards are Fierce Leader, Zachary, Field Driller, Sky Diver, Spike Brother Assault Squad and the newly revealed Dudley Mason. Although most of the units are low in power, they can force out some 10k shields during the early game or gain you some advantage. These units provides a steady build up which will lead to how successful the effect of a break ride will be against your opponent.

If I made a Bad End deck it would be with Sky Divers. The deck won't rely purely on power but on a more stable build which relies on pressure units and Dudley Dan. This build allows you to ride Bad End over Bad End without losing out on a lot. The pressure and attacking advantage will cut down your opponent's defenses early game and the ride break can easily be the finishing blow. The usage of Devil Summoner will also help gain some free calls which can help with Spike Brothers mechanic and refill the field after Bad End's ability.

Because of Spike Brother's mechanic, they don't do too well against Oracle Think Tank. This is no different for Bad End. Due to Oracle's large hand size, they can survive really well most of the game. This would mean that the Spike Brother player would need to learn how to be patient and wait for the correct timing to strike, which isn't quite what the clan is made for. If Spike Brothers were to get a second draw trigger, it would make it easier for them to setup field, pay the cost for their cards and also makes playing 4 Marilyn a pretty good idea. I think this would help Bad End survive through Oracles because Oracles has difficulty making 21k columns, Bad End's 11k base would help out in the defense.

Aside from Oracles, the build would also have trouble against pressuring decks. Playing Spike Brothers deck means that you would take the damage instead of defending it and only defend when you're at 4 or 5 damage. The pressuring units will force your hand which will further bring down your low defense due to the clan mechanic. Against these deck, playing fully offensive would be ideal, with 12 criticals. You would hit one or two on your way to break riding and the great increase in power will be amazing because of the chances that you can get a critical trigger. Unfortunately, Spike Brothers only has 2 sets of critical triggers.

Bad End is an awesome card for the Spike Brothers clan. The great boost in power cannot easily be handled  by most clans. This combined by an extreme number of critical or draw triggers can easily move the game to your favour. I would hope that they get a new set of draw and critical triggers for the upcoming set.

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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