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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Cards of the Day! 21st June, 2012

First Card: Army Penguin

    Army Penguin is a grade 0 Dimension Police unit. It is a trigger unit with the draw trigger symbol at the top right side of the card and has a base power of 5000 and 5000 shield. Army Penguin can be found in the booster set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows which was released in Japan on the 29th October, 2011. The set has yet to be announced for the English community.

    Lore: These penguin workeroids are mass produced for combat on snowy mountain and plains. They are only equipped with a simple light machine gun but, they can move in high speed and can function for long periods of time without any maintenance. Furthermore, because they are made with materials that have low thermal conductivity, they can function in areas with temperature range of ±50 degree Celsius. They are all assigned a number which are hidden behind the bulletproof scarf wrapped around their neck.

Second Card: Dragonic Lawkeeper

    Dragonic Lawkeeper is a grade 3 Kagero unit. It has the Limit Break ability with a base power of 10000. Dragonic Lawkeeper was released in the Extra Booster 3: Calvary of Black Steel on the 26th May, 2012 in Japan and is scheduled to be released internationally on the 7th July, 2012.

    Dragonic Lawkeeper is a unit with a very strong Limit Break ability. The ability binds all your opponent's rear-guards, leaving their field empty. This leads to the activation of it's second ability, it gets an extra 3000 power when attacking. Furthermore, if your opponent had 5 rear-guards, they can only choose up to four of their rear-guards which were bind by this card to return them to the field. This card works well with Lizard Soldier, Raopia, which can bring Lawkeeper to a total of 23000 power when attacking!

There are no lore for cards in the English website.

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