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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Card of the Day 26 June, 2012

I missed out on a day =(. Here's a patch up for yesterday.

Today's Card is Dark Lord of Pale Moon

    This card is a grade 3 Pale Moon unit. It has a base power of 10000 and no shield value. This card is a promo card which comes with the KeroKero Ace magazine on August.

AUTO【V/R】: When a 《Pale Moon》 boosts this unit, this unit gets Power +2000.

    A nice grade 3 beat stick which are now possibly in every other clan. This unit can hit up to 21k with boost from Turquoise Beast Tamer when you have Crimson Beast Tamer in your soul. It can apply a pretty good pressure and can be easily pulled out from the soul with Pale Moon units.

Lore: Known as the Dark King, he formerly led all of the Pale Moon forces and tried to conquer the Dark Zone. His plans ended in failure and he is now treated as a first class criminal, imprisoned in the Demonic Prison with a strong seal. He was the first king for the Pale Moon. A long time have passed, his name was forgotten and only stories of his legend stayed. In the legends he was called, Madness King, "Dark Lord of Pale Moon".

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