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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Card Review: Stellar Magus

It's been a while since I wrote any actual blog posts of my own so here it is! Today I will be writing on a very powerful card that can be useful in any Oracle Think Tank decks. As the title suggests or the image to the right, it's Stellar Magus!!

In my opinion, Stellar Magus is the most powerful card in Oracle Think Tank right now. She has the ability to get one card into your hand for just one counterblast. The best part about this card is that she does not have to hit in order to be able to use the skill!

You might ask that you would need to declare the correct card to be able to add it into your hand. That is not a problem with the arsenal of cards that are able to help her with having a peek at the top of your deck in Oracle Think Tank. After having a peek at the top of the deck, if it is not a trigger, you could add it to possibly get a trigger on the next card. If your vanguard attacked before Stellar Magus, Crescent Magus could be used to ensure you know what's on top of your deck.

Another good point for this card is the ability to turn any face down damage face up if you did not declare the right card. This helps with cards that uses specific types of cards in the damage for their skill like Battle Sister, Parfait. This means she can fit into any Oracle Think Tank decks and also enables you to play non-specific cards, giving you lots of choices in what you can do in a deck.

In my opinion, Stellar Magus is too amazing of a card to not use in any Oracle Think Tank deck. Her ability can be used at any time in both vanguard and rear-guard circles, and does not require any specific types of counterblast. With a Crescent Magus boosting a rear-guard or a CEO Amaterasu vanguard, you basically get one card each turn for one counterblast.

The only deck that I think she wouldn't fit in would be Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi's ability is an ACT and eats up counterblasts, that decreases the usability for this card. Tsukuyomi also takes up a good amount of deck space with the ride chain and so it would be better to use the extra space for other cards that suits better with the deck. Although, there are ways to use this card along with Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi allows you to stack your deck and Stellar Magus requires you to know the top card of your deck. If you are one card away from your stacked trigger, Stellar Magus would prove to be useful in such situations.

I highly recommend every Oracle Think Tank players to use Stellar Magus in their deck, of course paired with at least Crescent Magus. You would not be able to efficiently use this card without knowing what's on top of your deck after all. This is one of the cards I wish had an SP version. Unfortunately that privilege was given to Battle Sister, Cocotte. Either way, I wish everyone have fun playing the card!

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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