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Friday, March 15, 2013

Update On Booster Draft Rules!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted anything. Today I am writing on an update for the Booster Draft Ruling!

The one change for the ruling is that every unit will be treated to be in every clan. This means that abilities that card clan restrictive and also triggers will activate. This change is a big change in what you can do in a booster draft game and also is a very important change due to the quite new keyword "Lord".

Lord is an ability that restricts your unit from attacking if you have another unit that does not belong to the same clan as that card on your field. This means that it is very much impossible to build a working deck with these cards in a booster draft game. The change made it so that these cards can still attack even if you have cards from other clans in the field.

This change in rules also gives a great impact on Break Rides for booster draft games. From what we can see so far, Break Rides activate their ability when another card that has the same clan as them rides on them. The new rule would mean that any new card which rides on the break ride unit will activate the break ride ability regardless of the clan difference. This could make for some pretty interesting plays, even break ride over break rides which would mean multiple different abilities on each ride. One catch however is that you need to be lucky enough to get the cards, since there is a limit on the rarities for a box.

This change is definitely necessary for the upcoming new cards and also opens up to more possibilities in a draft game. I welcome this change and is interested to see the effect in the upcoming booster draft.

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