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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Set 11 Tachikaze: Cheap and Effective!

Hello everyone! A few days ago, some new cards are revealed in the latest Kero Kero magazine. All of the revealed cards are amazing in their own sense but Tachikaze interested me the most.

In this set, Tachikaze will be getting an archetype called Ancient Dragon. In my opinion, these new units of the archetype fixes a lot of the problems that the clan was facing. Tachikaze also got their Break Ride and also a new amazing card, Battle Rex.

First of all, I would like to write on the Ancient Dragons. The Ancient Dragons are really amazing in terms of power both in the rear-guard and vanguard. They have access to easy 12k beaters, they even got units which gains +5k when they attack which is amazing. This makes stand trigger very effective for the clan, depending on your build of course. Their overall value for power is on the higher side compared to a lot of the Tachikaze cards.

Ancient Dragons also have abilities to call units when certain units are retired. These units are Baby Rex and Iguano Corg. These abilities can be used during the battle phase to provide more attacks, which can be easily done with what the archetype has now. However, you have to watch out for your damage zone because these cards uses counter blast.

Ancient Dragons also brought critical to the Tachikaze clan. Their main vanguard, Tyrano Legend, and the Break Ride, Spino Driver, gives their vanguard more criticals when a cost is paid which is something which Tachikaze didn't have and in my opinion, lacking. This is a very good thing and gave people a new reason to play the clan. Their Break Ride really works wonder with the older cards and with Dark Rex, you can get to Break Ride during your battle phase and continue with a second attack.

Last of all, it's Battle Rex. This card is a monster which is very unpredictable. It has the ability to gain +10k just by drive checking a grade 3 at Limit Break. Although it doesn't really work with the Ancient Dragons, it is great with the Break Ride and the older cards. Even without Limit Break, he can easily hit 21k. Tachikaze, the only clan with recyclable critical trigger makes this card even more dangerous.

I'm really interested in making a Tachikaze deck after seeing these new cards. That will however have to depend on my budget after getting the Jewel Knights. Also something out of topic, I will be completing three decks next month and will be posting the deck lists as well as make a video on it!

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  1. What do you think about tachikaze after BT08 in the english meta?

    1. They are strong but lacking in making 18k columns to fight x-rides. The best build would be Raptor Colonel as you can get an easy powerful vanguard and also doesn't need to worry about trigger setup. If you are going to play Dark Rex with Deathrex, it's powerful but you might need to bet on getting a critical during the turn. Superior Riding Dark Rex is also another problem if it doesn't have any booster because it's only a 10k. They are however very fun builds to play with and I personally like them.

  2. Tachi alos interest me tis time around, I plan to make one of the dragon empire deck when tis set is out, hw do you tink of the seal dragon, cos tis two dragon empire clan interest me the most in bt11

  3. Are u planning to play on cray online cuz its back with all the cards and it updates and everything here are the 2 things that you'll need if ur interested!
    Cray Online: http://vanguard.jproject.xz.lt/index.php?topic=1206.msg1998#new
    Evolve (its the program that will connect u to other players its basically a better hamachi there are hamachi networks but i prefer evolve as its easier to use): http://vanguard.jproject.xz.lt/index.php?topic=1193.0

    1. I have Cray Online but not Evolve. I might get it some time but cannot guarantee that I will get it.