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Monday, March 18, 2013

Card Review: Imperial Daughter

Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my card review. With the Extra Booster 1: Comic Style Volume 1 for the English version just around the corner, I thought of writing a review for this very unique card.

In my opinion, Imperial Daughter is an amazing card. However, it has some flaws. There are many ways to play using this card and I will be writing them in this post.

One of the unique factor for Imperial Daughter is that she is an 11k unit, which is very rare for Oracle Think Tank. This means that she doesn't have to worry about 20k columns. She also hits hard as she has a constant +10k/Critical +1 when you have no rear-guards. This ability helps you deal a little more damage early of the game.

The weakness for this card is her restraint and her ability requires an empty field. With an empty field, you would not have as many attacks compared to your opponent. This would be bad because you are constantly hit with 3 to 4 attacks per turn and you need to guard each of them, this would become worse with the next upcoming Aqua Force. Her power is also a problem to face against Cross Rides as they would have the defensive advantage.

Imperial Daughter is a great unit which can fit into any build the of the Oracle Think Tanks. She is mostly used to deal early damage and after that swapped out for units that help gain hand advantage for a more defensive late game. Imperial Daughter can be used in a Tsukuyomi deck to fill the soul too, and even help put the key units into the soul. Imperial Daughter can also put LuLu back into the soul for a second use when riding any other grade 3. For the Japanese version, she can also work with Fromage for early damage and have an 11k vanguard until limit break.

There are 2 main builds for Imperial Daughter as the main vanguard. One of them is to use her with Spike Brother units, as they can return to the deck after attacking. This would allow you to have more number of attacks in exchange for your number of hand. Another would be to just have 4 Imperial Daughter in the deck. This deck is defensive as you do not have to spend your hand to call rear-guards. They rely on early rush and defensive cards like Miss Mist and Vanilla. Because of the critical on Imperial Daugter, more draw triggers are used to maintain hand advantage. Cocoa are also used to increase the chances for triggers. There's also the choice to play Euryale to bind opponent's hand. For the Japanese version, there is also the option to use Kaguya to gain power, which would help against cross rides.

Those are the basic strategies for Imperial Daughter that I found. In my opinion, she can be fit into any decks for the early critical. Howeve, for the current environment for the English version, she is not too suited to be played on her own. The best option would be to play her with CoCo for early damage and late game hand advantage.

CoCo 4 Lyf
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