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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jewel Knights and Royal Paladins From Set 10 Review!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote a review post and this time it's about the new Royal Paladins!

As most of you should know, Royal Paladins will be getting a new deck build, the Jewel Knights! In my opinion, these cards are amazing and their play style suits the clan very well. I was very happy to see these cards because Blaster Blade Spirit was more of a Gold Paladin card than Royal.

The two main cards of the Jewel Knights are Salome and Ashlei. These two cards have abilities that increases your vanguard's critical which is one of the mechanic I like from Royal Paladin. Aside from that, Salome can easily refill your field with any Jewel Knight from your deck. If you want Salome to hit 21k, you can use Akane to bring out Toypugal or Rushgal to boost Salome.

Ashlei's ability is also great, using her with Soul Saver would provide you a powerful field and a vanguard with the extra critical. It is also possible to make a very powerful vanguard by riding Gancelot and using Gancelot's counterblast. Another focus for the Jewel Knights is the new starter, Tiffany. Tiffany is a good unit in a Jewel Knight deck for the late game push.

Two more cards that interests me is Pringal and Goruneman. Pringal is an amazing card especially for Ashlei. Pringal allows you to draw a card when he boosts a card with limit break 4 and the attack hits the vanguard. The ability is great for more defense and field building. Goruneman is also an interesting unit that every clan will be getting a copy of. Comparing Goruneman with Palamedes, Goruneman is more for the big late game power. This works very well with Pendragon, Ashlei and Soul Saver. Palamedes on the other hand, provides a consistent power column. Other than that, Palamedes also works on the vanguard circle.

There are still more unrevaled cards for Royal Paladins, mostly commons. For now, the revealed cards looks amazing and I really like them, especially with the new perfect guard.

Edit: Looks like the other cards were just triggers for Jewel Knights.

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