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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Card Review: Goddess of the Treasured Mirror, Ohirume!!

Hello everyone! Here's another post from me! Today it's a card review one of the recently revealed card, Goddess of the Treasured Mirror, Ohirume! Being a player that mains Oracle Think Tank, I decided to review this card.

Goddess of the Treasured Mirror, Ohirume is a Legion card! She is the first card to be able to Legion with a grade 3, that is CEO Amaterasu! This is very unique as it would allow you to use CEO's skills on the vanguard circle as well as Ohirume's own skills! This not only brings improvement on older decks but also new possibilities in building decks.

From my experience, CEO Amaterasu is a very powerful card among Oracle Think Tank grade 3s. With her ability of foresight, she works extremely well with Magus cards. Together, they are able to build strong field and increase hand size. Another strength for Amaterasu is the skill to have a power increase of 4000! It allows you to have a strong vanguard column. If you add Ohirume into the deck, It would really make the deck much stronger.

Since Legion allows you to return four cards from your drop zone to the deck, you are now able to return triggers, sentinels, and don't forget, Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist! This is very powerful for Oracle Think Tank especially because they have an easily recycleable heal trigger! Though, aside from that, returning cards might be important because of CEO and Ohirume's skills on soul charge and drawing cards. By returning cards to the deck, you would save yourself from decking out!

Next is the possibility on mixing clans! Being a Legion card, I really recommend mixing clan. This gives access to Oracle Think Tank what they don't have and improves the clan! A good card I would recommend is Ultimate Raizer, Dual Flare! This allows you to have another strong column on the turn you legion and you can possibly take out a rear-guard with Dual Flare before its second attack! The only thing you have to watch out when clan mixing is using Oracles perfect guards. Remember that Battle Sister, Chocolat and Tetra Magus can only discard Oracle Think Tank cards and only protect Oracle Think Tank units!

I also recommend using quintet walls. Quintet wall is very beneficial to Legion cards, especially Oracle Think Tank! This is because of the existence of Miss Mist. Miss Mist acts as a perfect guard when your opponent has a grade 2 or less vanguard, which means it works as a perfect guard if your opponent has a Legion vanguard! The best part is, you don't have to discard a card for Miss Mist! Though so far, Oracle Think Tank does not have their own quintet wall, so you would have to grab one from another clan. I hope Oracle Think Tank would get their own quintet wall soon!

Ohirume also helps speeds up the process for megablast! This not only greatly helps CEO Amaterasu to gain her megablast ability but also lots of other megablast units such as Stil Vampir and Vortex Dragon. Those are also possible clan mixing options for the deck! This is also extremely powerful as CEO's megablast skill works on the rear-guard circle, and works even if the attack hits a rear-guard! Though, with what we have now, I would say that it is quite a difficult task even to hit a rear-guard. The game would very much possibly have ended without needing to activate megablast.

Goddess of the Treasured Mirror, Ohirume is a card with a lot of potential, like her Legion mate. She is a fun card that allows you to play with mix matching cards and do lots of different play styles. I can see why Bushiroad made lots of the Genesis support to be archetype restricted, it is somewhat of a shame. Though, I really look forward to what Bushiroad has in store for Oracle Think Tank! It is also announced that Oracle Think Tank will be getting another Legion in the next Monthly Bushiroad!

CoCo 4 Lyf
Peace Out

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