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Monday, April 22, 2013

Critical Triggers: Why Are They So Popular??

Hello guys! It's been a while since I wrote anything myself but today is about critical triggers! I have been leaving this trigger out because I don't really see what to write about it. This trigger has been the main trigger used by many builds and the reason to use it is easily understandable.

First of all, critical trigger is a very offensive trigger that can help you win games with less amount of attacks as they gives your units an extra critical, dealing more damage to your opponent.This trigger is much favoured due to the fact that it's easy to use and makes for a faster game. Another reason that people use this trigger is because that in most official tournaments, there is a time limit of 20 minutes per game so you would want to win as soon as possible, or just deal more damage.

Based on how the English and Japanese versions of the games are going, Limit Breaks are now a very big thing and is used by a lot of players. Because of this, there may be times when deciding to give your opponent their fourth damage could mean the end for you. Because of this, units that can gain criticals are very powerful. Being able to gain critical means that you can finish the game when the opponent is at 3 damage if you check a critical. This means that the opponent would be stuck at 3 damage, unable to access Limit Break.

Another reason that people use critical is because of standing skills, either if it's the vanguard standing, or rear-guards. Cards that have skills that stands your vanguard or rear-guard works better with critical. For the standing vanguard, you would want the extra critical on it so that you can deal more damage while doing more drive checks. If you have a card which can stand your own rear-guards, it won't be too wise to play stands as well because you can already stand your units without them.. unless if you're trying to attack five times per turn.

Critical trigger is also less reliant on field building. Unlike stand triggers, critical triggers can be fully utilized without the need of rear-guards. This means that critical triggers helps from early game to late game. With the excessive amount of retiring Kagero and Narukami can do lately, playing with stands is also not too ideal as they can wipe your field clean easily. Aside from all those, critical triggers can also turn the tables when you are at the verge of losing. Even with only your vanguard standing, a double trigger with even one critical can give you the win, depending on the situation.

The above is the reasons why I think that critical triggers are so much preferred than stands. I would suggest everyone to have even if just one critical trigger, in your deck. Although in saying so, I would really like to see if Bushiroad will make effort to encourage people to use stand triggers.


  1. Can you do an article on Draw Triggers? I ear a lot of people saying that they either suck or they don't provide anything significant to a deck. For crits to stand abilities, what types of decks would favor the use of draw triggers?

    1. I actually have one but it's a bit old http://gundamfinal.blogspot.ca/2012/11/about-triggers-draw-trigger-is-best.html