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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My deck: Scarlet Witch, CoCo

Someone asked me in YouTube for the decklist and so, here you guys have it.

Grade 0 (17)
Little Witch, Lulu (Starter) -1
Psychic Bird (Critical) -4
Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical) -4
Miracle Kid (Draw) -4
Sphere Magus (Heal) -4

Grade 1 (14)
Battle Sister, Chocolat -4
Battle Sister, Omelette -3
Oracle Guardian, Gemini -4
One Who Gazes at the Truth -3

Grade 2 (12)
Battle Sister, Mocha -4
Highspeed Blackie -2
Oracle Guardian, Wiseman -4
Silent Tom -2

Grade 3 (7)
Scarlet Witch, CoCo -4
Meteorbreak Wizard -2
Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya -1

I could give other suggestions on CoCo builds and usage on cards that supports the soulless mechanic for Oracle Think Tank, but that would be on another post.


  1. Interesting. What happens when u ride brakki is that u lose much advantage. Based on this fact, I don't like brakki and hence I do not use it. Truth watcher and B.S. Omelette is a good enough combo for me. Sure, u can hit high numbers easily but u lose
    1) Field presence
    2) Hand size (if u ride him)

    Do u have another side of the argument to this issue? Preferably through experience. Thanks :) and OMG I luv EB05 woooohoooo

  2. That is true, and I have made some changes to this deck. First of all, I swapped out Brakki for Promise Daughter and also stopped using Toms for Security Guardian. I've also started using Glace instead of Mocha. I'll do an update on this deck =)